Grove GMK6300L-1

The Grove GMK6300L-1 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 350 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 263 feet and a maximum jib length of 69 feet. The boom of the GMK6300L-1 is a seven sectioned, full power, MEGAFORM boom with TWIN-LOCK pinning. The pinning system ensures that the boom will remain in position even with loads changing and in the midst of vibrations.

Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1

This majestic Crane can lift 130 tonne at a 3M radius and has a Telescopic boom MAX reach of 12.7m-60m. This is an all-terrain Crane suitable for larger lifts in confined spaces, with great versatility and excellent manoeuvrability.

Liebherr LTM1110

This LTM1110 5-axle crane is a perfect combination of mobility, lifting Capacity, and boom length.It is a self-contained, powerful, and versatile telescopic boom of 60mtrs, wind speed flexibility and can carry its full complement of 29t of counterweight which offers outstanding maximum lifting capacity of 110ton. Regarding mobility, it has a Wide range of set-up options enable access to any site and includes variable steering concept. The VarioBase plus has A trapezoidal support design, its width being 7.4 metres at the front and 8.1 metres at the rear, gives higher lifting capacities and a larger working range, particularly over the crane’s rear outriggers.

Liebherr LTM1095

The five-axle LTM 1095 mobile crane features a long telescopic boom, with various lattice extensions also available. On public roads it carried the majority of its ballast with it which enables it to handle most crane jobs. This makes the LTM 1095 ready for use immediately as a taxi crane.

Liebherr LTM1090

The LTM1090-4.2 has a capacity of 100ton and has a max radius of 62m. This all terrain crane has a VarioBase which allows the outriggers to be extended to different lengths which is ideal for confined spaces.

Grove GMK5095

The GMK5095 All Terrain crane has a capacity of 100 tons. Equipped with Grove’s unique TWIN-LOCK system, it has a full power seven-section main boom extending up to 197 feet. All wheel multiple mode steering provides unrivaled job site mobility and the exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system enhances drivability and traction both on and off-road.

Liebherr LTM1060

The LTM 1060-3.1 is designed for driving on roads with lots of ballast. A special method of dividing the ballast slabs has been included in the design of this mobile crane. This means that a wide range of driving configurations can be achieved quickly and easily. Its compact dimensions and time-tested ECOmode and ECOdrive make this mobile crane extremely economical to use. In addition to its compact size, the 3-axle crane features a long telescopic boom and impressive lifting capacities.

Liebherr LTF1060-4.1

The LTF1060 is a crane mounted on a Volvo truck chassis which makes it ideal for driving on the road. It has a 60 ton max lift capacity, with a boom length of 40mtrs.

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Grove GMK3050

Grove’s GMK3050 all-terrain crane is a mobile, yet, very capable heavy duty machine. It has a max lift capacity of 55 tons (50 t), a 125 ft. (38 m) main boom max length, and a 49 ft. (15 m) max jib length.

Terex Demag AC40L

The Terex AC40L is designed to provide maximum mobility and versatility, so the cranes can be used for many jobs or applications. An excellent relation between crane weight and lifting capacity makes the things different.

Terex Demag AC35L

The Terex AC40L is designed to provide maximum mobility and versatility, so the cranes can be used for many jobs or applications. An excellent relation between crane weight and lifting capacity makes the things different.

Kato City Crane

Kato City Crane is a compact and versatile mobile crane. It has a 28m main boom, Vario outriggers and luffing fly jib. It is something in between our spider cranes and our Liebherr LTC city crane.


Jekko SPX532

The Jekko SPX 532 mini crane has a number of features, among which makes it stand out, the width of the chassis chain horizontally extendable, the crossbar of the jacks that can be extended laterally to gain stability and stay narrow to pass standard doors, in addition to the extension is hydraulic, also the crane can work in two versions: with closed jacks and open jacks, and possibility of opening the jacks on one side depending on the option chosen and the working arch can be more or less long.

Maeda MC 285

The MC285 spider crane has a 2.82 ton lifting capacity while measuring just 750mm wide when stowed. It is ideal for restricted space as its slim body is able to fit through most doorways, allowing access to areas inaccessible to standard cranes.

Hoeflon C6 & C6Electric

 The Hoeflon C6 is a powerful, robust and multifunctional all electric spider crane. It is the only spider crane that can lift more then its own weight. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 16metres and can lift up to 3ton

We can also provide this spider crane in a fully electric version

Hoeflon C10

Hoeflon C10 is a compact spider crane that can lift up to 4ton. It also has a reach of 22mtr. The C10 has 3 speeds, making it exceptionally manoeuvrable.

Palfinger PCC57.002

The Palfinger PCC 57.002 is compact design, the ability to cross all manner of different terrain and is highly adaptable. The crane has the ability to ‘shift’ forwards and backwards by using its outrigger beams, allowing it to pass though openings without its chassis when headroom is limited or to load itself into a container. It can be separated into three modules – the crawler chassis, the main crane and the counterweight – for easier transportation or gaining access through restricted areas. The crane module can self-load onto a truck using its outriggers and be operated in this position without its chassis

Jekko JF990

JF990 is a mini crawler crane. Compact, with variable stabilization and the possibility of working with both diesel and a three-phase electric motor. And, above all, capable of reaching a height of 41 m (with a hydraulic boom and three manual extensions), and 38 m with the operator’s basket, working in spaces that the truck cannot access.