Double drive heavy haulage tractor unit

This double drive heavy haulage tractor unit with 3 & 4 axle extendable trailers which can carry a 60ton payload, specialising in the movement of heavy equipment such as machinery and plant for all sectors. It operates with up to 90tonne.

Volvo FH Rigid Truck with PM47525

This Volvo Rigid is ideal for most jobs. It is fitted with a 47.5ton PM Crane.

Volvo FH12 520hp with Palfinger PK10002

This is our Volvo Truck fitted with a Palfinger Crane. It is ideal for both lifting and carrying abnormal loads. The Crane has a MAX lifting capacity of 18.5 tonne at 4.4m radius.

Volvo FH12-460 hp with PM53SP

This is the second of our Volvo Trucks fitted with a PM53SP Crane, also perfect for carrying Plant machinery and other loads. The Crane has a MAX lifting capacity of 10.5 tonne at 4.5m radius.

Volvo FMX Rigid 460 hp with PM53SP

Another one of our trucks fitted with a PM53SP Truck mounted Crane. The Crane has a Max lifting Capacity of 10.5 tonne at 4.5m radius. The flatbed is 26 foot and can be extendable to 30 foot.

Volvo FH750 with Palfinger PK100002 Crane

This is our Volvo Hiab, the perfect solution for lifting and hauling heavy loads.. It is fitted with a 100 ton Crane. This is a very versatile high power truck mounted Crane.

Renault 6 x 2 Articulated Lorry

Suitable for most heavy haulage requirements.

Unimog with HI-AB 090

All-Terrain Unimog truck mounted Crane. Max Lifting Capacity is 4.5 tonne at 2.5 radius and the Maximum telescopic boom reach is 7.8m. Perfect for those awkward and tight areas.

Abnormal Load Escort Vehicles

We can provide Abnormal Transport escort service using our up to date escort vehicles pictured above.